Lock Contact Information for Boaters

$img %RemappedImageAsset:/sitebuilder/clipart/bars/low-carb/horizontal/blue_sky_clouds_bar.jpg$$img %ImageAssetImpl:/images/Lock_7.jpg$ARDC has been informed of instances where lock operators could not be reached, even though the
locks were scheduled to be open.

This is a very serious concern for us and to that end, we have established a method, approved by USACE - Pittsburgh,
whereby you can call the lock in question.  

Please keep in mind that even though the locks are generally open until 8 PM, you MUST present yourself at the lock
by 7:30, or in late night operations, 1/2 hour prior to lock closing time.  In fairness to the operator, they are all
working overtime to provide this service, and they really need to be ready to close down at the closing time.  

If you are unable to reach anyone, please feel free to call Linda Hemmes at 724-954-4976.  I will be able to take
your concern to the next level.  Please be judicious in your use of these numbers.  
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Please use in emergencies only!
LOCK 2                   412-661-2217
CW BILL YOUNG   412-828-3550
LOCK 4                   724-224-0646
LOCK 5                   724-295-2261
LOCK 6                  724-295-3775
LOCK 7                  724-543-2551
LOCK 8                  724-548-5119
LOCK 9                  724-868-2486
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