Understanding Lock Levels of Service
and How YOU Are Making a Difference!

Understanding how the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) determines levels of Lock Operations is key in understanding how critical it is that recreational boaters use the locks as much as possible.  ARDC funded lock operations in 2015 and 2016 for recreational boating at Allegheny River Locks 6, 7, 8 & 9, using a combination of grant money, ARDC memberships, donations and event sponsors.  In doing so, those funded locks were placed in what USACE calls "a three year rolling average" that determines trends in the use of each lock - and thereby drives the recommendations that our Pittsburgh District USACE Office makes to the Division Offices in Cincinnati.  

Upper Allegheny recreational boaters have done a fantastic job of using those locks!  We are now in a position where, if we continue on this course, Pittsburgh District will recommend that USACE resume the financial responsibility for Locks 7 & 9 for weekend and holiday operations.  What this means for ARDC, is that we can expand service hours and focus on lower use locks - such as Lock 6 and Lock 8.  We also need to turn our attention to NOT losing any more lock operations hours at Lock 5.

It is very, very important that we provide recreational boaters with the ability to travel the entire length of the navigable Allegheny River.  Available navigation of this beautiful waterway, will encourage the growth and development of tourism, and ancillary businesses that support the boating life we have all come to love and enjoy.  Recreational boating is a tremendous part of a relaxed lifestyle with family and friends.

ARDC cannot continue this project without grassroots financial support.  In order to obtain supporting grant money, we must be able to demonstrate public interest and support for the lock operatins project.  We have to provide matching funds for the grant money that we work so hard to obtain.  Please support ARDC with your tax deductible memberships and donations.  ARDC - we keep you lockin'!