Allegheny River Development Corporation funds lock operations on the Allegheny River for recreational boating.

Each year, as part of our Grant Writing submissions, we seek public input for the next summer's lock operations schedule.
We would like to tell you that fundraisers, donations, contributions, sponsorships and memberships are adequate to fund  lock operations each summer - but they are not.  Without the availablity of grant funding, ARDC's mission of opening the locks to recreational boaters
would never have gotten off the ground.  Without grant support - we could not continue to offer you access to the Allegheny River from
East Brady to Pittsburgh.

While we try, in every way possible, to provide you with great lock operations hours, we have the constraints of the availabity of adequate staffing from the US Army Corps of Engineers and our budget.  Keep in mind that our operations contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers calls for a cost of $93.50 per hour per lock.  We are also required to fund 2 additional hours, outside of operations hours, for lock opening and closing protocol.   In addition, including the 2 opening/closing hours, USACE permits only 12 hour shifts for any lock operator.  As an example, the locks are open for boaters from noon until 8 PM.  Including the opening/closing hours, that means we are funding 10 hours - not 8.

Now that you are completely confused, please feel free to download our proposed 2019 Lock Operations Schedule (below in PDF format) so that you can really look it over.  The total budget for  2019 stands at just under $161,000.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please submit them to [email protected] or as a message on our Facebook page - Allegheny River Development Corporation.  We would love to hear from you!
2019 Proposed Lock Operations Calendar