Membership.  Quick, simple, very important...and tax deductible.....

Allegheny River Development needs your support to help fund lock operations.  
This project works because of the commitment of our members and contributors.
The ARDC Board of Directors
approved the following membership dues schedule:
Municipalities will have a FREE membership with a
Resolution of Support
2019 Boater Owner Memberships will be as follows:  
All boats will be $25.  We want to every boater to be a member of ARDC!

Associate Membership status has been established for people who do not own a boat,
but have an interest in supporting the value of being able to utilize all navigable areas of the
Allegheny River.
Annual Associate Memberships are $20 per person

Business Associate Memberships range from $50 to $499, as your business can afford, to support our goals and objectives.

Business Sponsors Levels
Bronze Business Sponsor - $500 - $999
Silver Business Sponsor - $1,000 to $2,499
Gold Business Sponsor - $2,500 to $4,999
Platinum Business Sponsor - $5,000 and up

Join us to create a stronger, more viable organization to operate these locks for years to come!

We now accept PayPal for annual membership dues. Please click on the links below for appropriate memberships.

ARDC Membership Categories
2019 Individual Associate Memberships
2019 Business Associate Memberships
2019 Boat Owner Memberships
2019 Business Sponsor Memberships