2017 Thank Yous
Dedicated to those who have
donated - in any way -
​to the ARDC Lock Operations Project
We sincerely THANK YOU!

Foster Landscaping
Terry & Heather Grantz - Boat Pittsburgh
Cindy Calarie
Jeff & Sue Towers
Debra Brewer
​The Honorable Jim Ferlo  
The Bono Family in Memory of Nick Nolte
Bauer Funeral Home
Allegheny Power Sports
Congressman Mike Kelly
​Jack & Sue Bauer
​The Kittanning Men's Club
Brady's Bend Underground Storage

Ken & Elaine Ritchey - Kittanning Marina
Mike & Kim Ferris
Mark TK Welding
Debbie & Albert Askin
Lindsay Hewett
Paula & Brian
Cheri & Bernie Fienman
Jean & Stacy Alese
Cynthia & Keith Prins
Jimmy - Purple Pinkie
Gatto Cycle Shop
Randy & Sue Scheid
Norm Huselton & Tracy Fleeger
The Allegheny Mariner
Dunkin Donuts - Kittanning
Tri-Star Auto Group
Armstrong Beer
Walmart - Kittanning
Carol Coulson
Shafer HVAC
​Sun Sport Canvas - Chris & Dennis